Once upon a time, high in the Sierras of Durango, there existed a legendary Mesoamerican creature known as the Alichan.

My Alichan was discovered in 2003 on a journey into our family history. On that quest, I began searching for answers at a place in Mexico identified on the map as “NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TRAVEL.”

Back then I believed that if you just behave yourself and follow a few simple rules, you can roll over just about any obstacle with enough effort. Unfortunately, life is never that simple.

Upon returning home, I came across a book about a prehistoric animal known as the gorgonopsian that closely resembled descriptions heard of the Alichan. Scientists believe that gorgons became extinct long before the Jurassic era. But what if one day you came to the shocking epiphany that everything once believed is not true?

Often, we are tempted to look backwards in time for answers and that can be extremely dangerous. In my favorite sport of cycling, taking your eyes off the road—even for a moment—can lead to devastating consequences. We need to remain focused on the right line ahead in order to avoid the pitfalls in life. That is where the Alichan lives—on the edge of our awareness in utter darkness. Uncertainties about my own family, future and faith have brought much pain and suffering into this rider’s trek.

Whether you believe in the Alichan or not—everybody has at least one.

The Alichan represents that insidious shadow of doubt creeping steadily into your mind. It lurks there for the opportune moment to disrupt our path and lead us into eternal destruction.

You may not even realize it exists, but make no mistake, the Alichan wants to devour and prevent you from fulfilling your true purpose in life. I hope you will write to me today and share anything that hinders you from moving toward a brighter future. Slay all doubt.

What is your Alichan?

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  1. Jan

    Hi, Al ~

    Thank you for your encouragement. I enjoyed the article and look forward to reading your book!


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