The Caterpillar and the Hare

Why did this caterpillar try to cross the road? I may never know for sure, but it was definitely heading towards transformation. Obviously not every creature that attempts to reach its destination makes it there safely. A few miles after I saw this caterpillar on the bike path, I came across another ill-fated animal. I will spare you the picture of a half-eaten rabbit carcass, but the point is – whether you are a larva or a swift, cute, fuzzy bunny, not everybody makes it to where they are heading.

In fact, whether you believe in a life after death, heaven, hell, reincarnation, or some other cosmic force in the universe – we will all face the end of our road here on earth, one way or another. One day, not long ago, my wife asked for a divorce…

The next week, she moved out for a while and called to let me know that her father passed away. Her dad always told me, “there’s a pathway of blessing for each of us”. If we stay on that path our life here on earth will fulfill a purpose that may enrich others and be rewarded with health, wealth and happiness. So where is the love of my life today? Where am I now? What is the point of rolling along this trail? When will this trial end and how? This leads to the biggest mystery of all – WHY?

The search for answers to these questions actually began about 17 years ago when I started writing a book called ‘Alichan: Facing the Shadow of Doubt’. The Alichan is a legendary Mesoamerican creature that represents all our darkest doubts and fears. This evil apparition can overwhelm us at any given moment. However, let me assure you that our emotions are not evidence of anything real.

If you dare to read this story, you will follow the trek of Alan Martin – an ordinary man, leading an extraordinary adventure. He didn’t ask for a battle. He just wanted to save a CATerpillar and recover the joy of his life. He’s even willing to risk his old life to find purpose and happiness once again. On this expedition, Alan must seek his own pathway of blessing as he wonders – what if everything I always believed is wrong? No matter how you frame it, transformation can be a painful and difficult hill to climb. So, I hope you will read this novel and share a little ride with me on the real journey of life.

The first step in the right direction requires knowledge of your destination. Although the caterpillar and the hare may not have reached their intended objective, at least they knew where they were going. There are many dangerous uncertainties existing in life that can and must be squashed before they squash you.

What is your Alichan?

In future blog posts I will continue to explore this question of why transformation is so important to our destination and how we can safely navigate these dangerous times. Slay all doubt! You are greater than any virus, circumstance, situation or condition currently standing between you and a transformed future. Stay tuned…

‘You do not just wake up and become the butterfly – growth is a process’

– Rupi Kaur