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Facing the Shadow of Doubt

When Father Arres heard about a body that turned up near a new church construction site, he did not ask any questions–now it was my problem.

In a race against time, Alan Martin must rescue the beauty of his life from a remote cave located high in the Sierras of central Mexico. On the way there he reconnects with his family and discovers that the Mesoamerican legend of the Alichan may not be a myth after all.

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Al Epifanio’s fast-paced adventure is an epic collision between light and darkness. Prepare to be challenged to the core as you are forced to face your darkest, deepest fears. Are you strong enough to overcome?

What is your Alichan?

Al Epifanio


Al is a Commercial Real Estate Consultant and the International Director for

Al began writing his own “Family Times” newspaper by the age of 7 and published his first book in 3rd grade: “Is There a Man on the Moon?” He was the Editor-in-Chief of his High School newspaper, “El Rodeo” and has written articles for the Colorado Real Estate Journal and Rocky Mountain Christian Times.

After graduating from U.S.C. in 1986 with a degree in Finance and Business Economics, he began a valuation career in Century City, not far from the East Los Angeles area where he grew up.

Following years of racing and cycling adventures, he moved from his home in Laguna Niguel, California, to Colorado where he now lives and rides.

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